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FB Advertising Mastery

FB Advertising Mastery

The Complete FB Advertising Survival System
A 3.5 Hour FaceBook Ad Mastery SYSTEM Guaranteed to Change How You Market On FaceBook Forever


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Dear Frustrated FaceBook Marketer,

Tired of not getting your FaceBook ads approved?

Sick of losing money with your FaceBook marketing?

Confused with all the 'retargeting pixels,' 'custom & lookalike audiences,' and 'advanced tracking' language inside FaceBook?

Have you (or somebody you know) had your FB Ads Account Suspended or SHUT DOWN?

And are you envious of the 1% of FaceBook Marketers 'in the know' who won't tell you their SECRETS that PRINT MONEY on FaceBook?!

My friend, I want to tell you something..


The Truth: Zuckerberg & company has made FaceBook a not so user-friendly marketing platform for honest marketers like you and me.

And what makes it worse is that their Ads Manager changes regularly without any warning to us, and we're left alone to figure it out without any help!

Take a deep breath because Your FaceBook Headaches End TODAY!

Since 2012 I've worked my butt off learning FB, bought countless FB courses, joined FB masterminds, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with FaceBook, and I've finally figured out a duplicable "FACEBOOK ADVERTISING SURVIVAL SYSTEM" anyone can use to PROFIT on FaceBook!

How do I know it works?

Well, my first 6 Months online I made a 6-Figure Income solely with FB marketing...

And today, my husband and I have a 7-Figure Brand that we built 100% through FaceBook following this EXACT same 'Survival System.'

Honestly, I'm tired of watching good people just like you desperately fight for their family's financial freedom, and then FaceBook deals them a deathblow, they quit, and they go back to their unfulfilling jobs (and lives).

But That isn't you... or you wouldn't be reading this website...

And I'm doing something I NEVER thought I would do for YOU...

I'm giving you my 7-Figure "FB Advertising Survival System" for less than the price a children's pass to Disney World!


FB Advertising Mastery

Norbert Orlewicz

"Let's face it, Facebook advertising is a challenge for most marketers. You simply can't afford to go it alone and try to figure it out yourself. When I have questions about Facebook there is only one person I go to and that is Michelle. Her training and guidance is responsible for all of my results with Facebook Ads. Not only is she a proven and experienced marketer but she is constantly on the cutting edge of the latest shifts and changes in the marketplace. If you want results with your Facebook advertising you need to be learning from Michelle."

- Norbert Orlewicz
BC, Canada

I'll cut right to the chase...

We rake in on average 100 leads per day for $1.00 / lead... like clockwork... every single day.

Proof 1

Proof 2

Proof 3

I want that for you!

Now I know what you're thinking...

"Could this be true? Could "I" generate 100, 50, even 20 fresh leads per day on FaceBook too?

The answer: 100% YES - But only if you let me be your Survival Tour Guide through the ruthless FaceBook jungle!



In a Jam-Packed FaceBook 3.5 Hour Blitz, you will get EVERYTHING you need to know to Make SERIOUS Money with FaceBook Advertising...
The Top 15 things to learn on FaceBook that are worth at least $2,000+ to your business RIGHT NOW... and we're going to hold your hand and show you EXACTLY how to do all 18 in 3.5 hours flat!
  1. How to create FB retargeting pixels so you can sneakily follow your website visitors & leads around on FaceBook (ever wonder why Amazon.com ads follow you around all over the internet? this is how, and it's lethal...)
  2. How to upload your leads' e-mail addresses to create a Custom Audience and have your ads show up in their FaceBook newsfeed, side bar, and on their mobile devices... you become a sniper with this tactic.
  3. How to create a 'Lookalike' Audience of your buyers: FaceBook will actively go to work for you and finds millions of people who are 'Similar' to your current buyers (gender, age, interests, etc) so you can advertise your offer to people most likely to buy! (GENIUS!)
  4. How to create & install a FB retargeting pixel on your blog so that when prospects visit your blog, you can follow them around when they are on FaceBook with ads to YOUR products, services, offers, and business.
  5. How to create ALL of your ads the right way the first time around so you don't lose any more money in your business! (and this time actually MAKE money)
  6. How to get your ad approved (this is only 1/10th of the battle, and most marketers never even make it past this part)
  7. How to identify your target audience (the audience that will buy your stuff the most!)
  8. How to create 3 or 4 different images for split testing
  9. How to test, evaluate the metrics, and OPTIMIZE the ad for maximum results & profit (watch me to this REAL-TIME to my personal ads - just a 1% increase in conversions could mean THOUSANDS of dollars for you!)
  10. How to dial in the demographics that make you the most money (women or men, 30's or 40's, where they live, etc)
  11. Desktop, mobile, or newsfeed ads: which one is most profitable (and why)
  12. How long do you run the ad before it's run it's course should be taken down? (there is a science to this... get this wrong and FB will take your money)
  13. How to avoid getting shut down... If you get shut down, the party's over! (this could be the most valuable thing you take away from this Survival System)
  14. Should you keep your past 'successful' ads in your ad manager? (the answer, and why, will surprise you)
  15. Why Organic Reach & free advertising in your newsfeed is completely worthless according to the FaceBook CEO
  16. What Native Advertising is, why you need to embrace it, and how to start leveraging it TODAY for instant exposure & leads via FaceBook.
  17. How to create Page Post engagement ads the right way to get noticed, get 'Likes,' and get LEADS!
  18. How to target your fans with specific gifts, bonuses, and offers that convert like wildfire because they already "Like" you! (this is the easiest money-maker in the Survival System)


"Prior to working with Bill & Michelle I was a struggling home business owner. I had started my business because I wanted to be a stay at home mom but even though I was working from home, my kids barely saw me because I was constantly on the phone. Bill & Michelle taught me to completely take my business online and brand myself on Facebook, and I've been able to generate almost 3000 leads in just under 6 months! The best part is I can do this in one to two hours a day, and have the rest of my day free to spend as I chose."

- Shira Adatto
Redondo Beach, CA


OK, what are the options?

I think we can agree on a few things...

#1) This is the best industry on the planet... owning your own home business (including all the tax benefits the second you get started) where you can leverage the power of the internet is the only real business that requires as little as a few hundred dollars start-up capital paired with an unlimited earning potential.

FYI: A McDonald's franchise requires $1MIL+ Liquid (that's $1,000,000 cash in the bank)... a Subway franchise requires at least a few hundred thousand dollars (that's $250,000+ cash) in the bank... BOTH of these options require 80+ hour work weeks and hopefully you're profitable in year 6 (if you make it that long in that high-stress environment)

You could always get a 'safe' job (which in my opinion is the most un-safe & risky decision you could ever make) that pays you 1/10th what you're worth, keeps you chained to a desk, and makes you feel completely unfulfilled...

But obviously that's not you. So we can both agree that THIS industry is the only option for you at this time...

#2) You know you need more leads... where could you go learn this type of high-caliber lead-generation intel you can apply IMMEDIATELY to get leads the very same night... for $200 bucks?!? (a skill-set that could very easily start getting you 200 leads / week within a matter of weeks!)

#3) In your gut you know that FaceBook (the largest social media website in the world) is an absolute goldmine for any business, and that YOU deserve your piece of the action... you're right!

And to make this an absolutely irresistible no-brainer decision for you, check out these incredible bonuses to help you MASTER FaceBook Fast and GET LEADS!



Q&A Follow-Up

$500 VALUE


We hosted and recorded a 2.5 hour interactive Q&A Session 1 week after the epic FB Advertising Mastery webinar! This gave students time to actually IMPLEMENT what they learned in the 'FB Survival Series' webinar, and then come back to the FB Master herself with any questions about retargeting, custom audiences, ad creation & optimization, etc. This 2.5 Q&A session is complete GOLD. This recording ensures you thoroughly comprehend everything inside the 'FB Survival System,' and that you Make Money with your FB Advertising efforts immediately... This recording is yours for life!

2 Hours of Pre-Training Content

$1,500 VALUE

Bonus 3

Michelle & Bill are doing a 2-Part training series on March 4th & March 11th that will be roughly 2 hours of pre-Survival System training... we are going to edit the training and upload this prerequisite training into your 'Survival System' back office. FYI: Michelle charges $500+ / hr for training like this... and here you get 3!

Private FaceBook Group

$100 VALUE

Facebook Group

You will get an invite to a PRIVATE "FB Advertising Mastery" FaceBook group with direct access to Michelle... Imagine being able to run alongside hundreds of other students going through the exact same FB training as you, and connect with and ask questions inside this private community that will include Michelle herself! You are not alone: total support to master this material!

LIFETIME ACCESS to 'Survival Series'

$100 VALUE


Enjoy LIFETIME ACCESS to "FaceBook Advertising Mastery: The Complete FB Advertising Survival System" course! This was a very recent LIVE session we recorded from start to finish, and the recordings are yours FOREVER to revisit over and over until you MASTER FaceBook Advertising... NEVER worry about lead-generation again when you add this invaluable FB training to your digital training library today!

You know deep down inside what a few extra leads per day could mean to your business, your freedom, and your family... But I can only show you the door...

The decision to buy is 100% Yours and YOURS ALONE....

There is a recipe for all-out massive lead-generation with FaceBook... it's called 'FB Advertising Mastery,' and there is ZERO-RISK to see if you get leads from what we're going to show you!

Buy the course now, join us, and then if you don't like what you see let us know within 30 days and we'll give you your money back... no questions asked! That's how much we believe in the material you are about to receive when you buy 'FB Advertising Mastery.'



FB Advertising Mastery

$2,000 VALUE

BONUS: Q&A Follow-Up

$500 VALUE

BONUS: 2 Hours of Pre-Training Content

$1,500 VALUE

BONUS: Private FaceBook Group

$100 VALUE

BONUS: LIFETIME ACCESS to 'Survival Series'

$100 VALUE


$4,200 VALUE




What Others Are Saying!

"After mplementing Michelle's strategies within the next day I got 1 sale! Immediately I took the same method with another offer, and within 5 hours I had 4 sales! Michelle, thank you so much: It's the best thing I've ever learned to get results!"

- Ernest Lim
Sydney, Australia


"fter just 4 hours of training we've been getting tons of likes following exactly what she said... it's nowhere near as hard as you think it is. It's the most simple easy training to follow, and we're having huge success in our business!"

- Scott Smith
Queensland Australia


OK, I'm a very 'matter of fact' gal, and there isn't much more to say.

Either you see the incredible value of spending 3.5 hours with me learning the exact FB Ads (and FB strategies) that have made me over $7-Figures, or you don't.

I will tell you this: I have spent 4.5 years learning this stuff, and I just checked my account... I have spent $100,000 on ad-spend and split testing.


I'm going to show you how to get the most bang for your buck on FaceBook, period.

If you see value in that, then I'll see you the week of March 16th for your 3.5 hour "FB Advertising Survival Series" webinar.

- Michelle & Bill Pescosolido

P.S. - I am going to piss a lot of FB Marketers off because of the jedi ninja stuff you're about to hi-jack from my war-chest! Scroll up to bullet point #2 in the actual course itself... this one thing alone has made me more money in a month than most doctors make in a year, and I'm going to show you exactly how I do it!

P.P.S. - Whenever leaders can condense time and turn 4.5 YEARS of study into a 3.5 hour crash course, you and I can agree that that's a complete no-brainer. Make the decision now to FINALLY get profitable with FaceBook...

What Others Are Saying!


Frequently Asked Questions!

NO. You can start with as little as $5.00 per day for a simple 'Like' ad to start building your Fan Page to Get Leads. You should not expect a huge surge of overnight lead-flow, but we started with $5.00 / day in 2012... you gotta start somewhere!
If this is your first time seeing this stuff, it may be a bit overwhelming. However, if you are serious about building your business and using FaceBook as a marketing strategy, nobody out there will teach you this stuff like I will in a 3.5 hour crash course that covers everything and is yours to keep FOREVER!
YES. If you are already generating 50 leads / day and are making over $10,000 / month with FaceBook I am EXTREMELY excited for you... just 2 or 3 of these ninja tricks could take your family to the next tax bracket.